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Here at the Writer’s Toolkit, I don’t believe there’s a single right or wrong way to be creative. In fact, creativity is often the opposite of following rules.

How you write creatively is up to you. It’s your thing.

But since chaos is the heart of the creative process it can sometimes help to bring just a little bit of structure to that. Creativity is a bit like a nuclear reaction: a tremendous source of limitless energy, but you wouldn’t want it going off uncontrolled in your front room.

You want to harness that energy. Direct it to some useful purpose. Channel it.

What I’ve tried to provide here is a variety of tools. Some of these are articles I’ve written condensing bits of advice that I’ve picked up along the way. Some are links and reviews to helpful books. I go into useful software and apps on storytelling and writing. There ought to be a few pointers to sites across the web that hold a wealth of advice and, which is what I hope makes this site a little bit different, some strategies for the very hardest part of creative endeavour – managing oneself.

If you would like a step-by-step guide there’s even one of those coming.

So, follow the links that interest you, leave us a comment when you find something useful. Have fun and never, ever, ever give up on yourself.

Happy Writing.

If you’ve just found this site, welcome.  I’m putting together all the pieces as swiftly as I can, so please excuse (or point out) any inaccuracies or broken links. Until I get it all collated it’ll look a little sparse.

If you’d like, leave your email address and I’ll update you as we get further down the line

Thanks and happy writing

The Writer’s Toolkit

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